“I’m in my 20’s and I should have planned out my life/Career/Hussle by now’ (C’mooonnn!)

Lately.. honestly it seems like every one is doing one or two things, major focus are on commerce(import/Export), Fashion designing, Baking , Event decoration, hair dressing , Production of skin products excetera excetera. It's more like we are in the entrepreneurship era, every one wants to me a Boss. This has created a tremendous positive …

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Flaws are characteristics of a human being!.

Helllooo! Good people of Naomi the first lady's blog 🥇! (Honestly YOU ARE AMAZING 😊!) /@justcalmwildness I really appreciate your constant views (you are AMAZING and so is your Blog too 🌻) Soooo...I guess you ve seen the blog post topic (obviously Naomi.. please carry on). Flaws I was in church today at my usual …

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3 Ways to Support Your Fellow Creatives

This is the best blog post of the year for me🥇🔥🔥

Cup of Tee

Cover photo by Senithegrapher

Thriving as a creative, especially in Nigeria, is not easy at all. Some days you are so happy with the content you put out and the success that comes with it, but some days you hate everything and wonder why you even got into it in the first place.

Nobody understands the struggles of a creative, more than a fellow creative.

When you stop seeing yourselves as competition, people in the same industry tend to flourish together.

A little support can go a long way.

Before we proceed, check out these amazing photographs by Senithegrapher below

So how do you support your fellow creatives? Let me highlight three major things you can do.

1. Engage With their content

To engage with their content, you can do little things like liking their pictures/videos on social media, leaving a comment on social media or other places (such as…

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Day8 -#30 days challenge

What I struggle with. Pessimism and Poor Management/Planning Skills , Communication I find it really difficult to communicate my true feelings, ideas and opinion to people..I end up weighing options, consequences and so on. It's really affecting the way I relate with people,some can practically see me holding back my words (my facial expressions isn't …

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Day 6 : #30days challenge

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah😎! I love this one Five ways to win my heart😎 Support! Support! Support! (jus show support for the hussle,it's not easy running everything on my own)Just make someone happy.. basically be filled with peace and good vibes.Business proposalsBe Versatile in your thoughts, knowledge of life and your philosophy should be filled with wisdom …

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